Doing more with pictures in 2012…

Pictures I Took In 2011

304 – Stop Sign

Reaching into the archives for this one.  Been mostly housebound lately, not taking any pics.  Caring for family members and then finally an illness for myself.  Remember when I said 2012 couldn’t be any worse than 2011?  Oh, Karma loves it when people say stupid things like that!  =P

This is a stop sign, of sorts.  This is SOOC from my little Sony Cybershot, which is several years old now and on its last legs.  This is one of those “Did I just see what I think I saw?” moments where you flip a U-ey in the road and go back to look.  I stuck my teeny P&S (P.O.S.?) out the window and snapped this, because it was too cute.  It tells a story about a few little secluded houses on a privately maintained road, who are all there for there tree-enshrouded privacy…and the city-slicking obnoxious tourists who were guided into this sanctuary by their faulty technology.


24 – Bloom

Ok, so these blooms are fake…and this is a morbid interpretation of this theme.  Welcome to October.

65 – Cupcakes

Lemon pudding filled lemon cupcakes with raspberry buttercream.  These were based on recipes I found for Limoncello filled cupcakes with Chambord buttercream.  However, because these were for a work party they had to be N/A.  Sad, no?  🙂

109 – Floor

From the wide world of things that make you go, “what the?!?”  A little chunk of floor, from an old bank (obviously) which has been laid up against this tree so long it’s grown over…  I went back and forth between B/W and color on this one, and various shades of in-betweens.  Finally settled on the “crisp” preset to give it some subdued moodiness…because that seems like a good fit for pictures of old junk.

73 – Dessert

I made this Irish Whiskey Cake (link to recipe) for our friend’s birthday, who was born on St. Patrick’s Day.  This thing was so loaded with booze the leftovers wouldn’t freeze!  It was amazing, though…

217 – Pasta

I actually probably take more pictures of food than anything else.  This is Kraft’s Pizza Pasta Salad (link to recipe).  I actually thought it was pretty good, despite the fact that I’m not a big fan of pasta salad, Italian dressing, or salami.  I must say it was quite edible.

294 – Symbols

These petroglyphs appear in the Kaibab National Forest.  Apparently they were vandalized a few years ago and the sand blasting that removed the paint caused the symbols to lose some of their luster.  It’s still pretty neat, though.  Arizona has a lot of more impressive petroglyphs than this one, but I’ve not yet been to them.