Doing more with pictures in 2012…


Snag A Camera Giveaway from MCP Actions

I am a sucker for a sweepstakes.  I’ve won all sorts of things, I swear it works; won me & hubby a trip to NYC in 2005.  So, that being said, I entered for a camera upgrade from MCP Actions.  Follow this link to do the same:  Snag A Camera Giveaway


Photo Deals…

I just discovered that there is a version of Groupon for photographers.  It’s called Big Trigger and it features deals on PhotoShop actions, photo printing, web design services, digital scrapbook graphics, e-books, publications, etc.  Kinda neat.

What are your favorite places to find big deals for your photography wish list?

Photo Editing Software Deal

For a $40 donation to UNICEF you can get $326 in photo editing software.  Granted, most of these I never heard of…but some of you more savvy types probably have.  See here:  Bundleytic Software Deal from MakeUseOf


The site itself also has some good photography/camera operation/photo editing articles and manuals.  It’s not limited to photo either.  They publish “For Dummies” style guides on all kinds of subjects.

7 – Aqua

Little water lily in a little bitty pond.  Psychedelic preset.

53 – Coiled

What better exemplifies this scene than a snake?  We found this little feller crossing the road in Northern AZ so we stopped to take his picture.  My buddy who is a reptile guy says he is either a Prairie Rattler or a young Arizona Black Rattlesnake (as they are not black until they are mature and this was a little guy).  Hubby thought it was a sidewinder because that’s how it moved but my reptile guy says most young/small rattlesnakes move that way.  I decided to forego a longer exposure, trying to get his rattles blurred because he was moving so much, and as luck would have it my quick shutter caught his tongue out.  I know I look like I’m up in his face but this was with 300mm zoom.  🙂

I intended to do nothing but crop this because it was great.  The colors were nice and everything was the way I liked it.  Then, just because, I started playing with Topaz Adjust and of all things the recover highlights preset really made it crazy beautiful.


Promise to start snapping, editing and posting soon.  Please rate, comment and critique what you see.  I’m here for self-improvement’s sake so let me have it right between the eyes with both barrels!