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26 – Blurred

This is one of my frequent photo faux pas…  I like to use the action mode on my camera to take multiple shots quick and (theoretically) freeze the action really sharp.  However, usually when I’m doing this I’m in the woods and the autofocus zones in on a branch between me and what I’m looking at, and I end up with this.  Still kind of cool.  I mean, how often do you get to see a bear fight?  It went on for about 10 minutes.  Bearizona, of course.


207 – One-Two-Three

One, two, three, they climbed the log.  Another gem from my favorite wildlife park.

53 – Coiled

What better exemplifies this scene than a snake?  We found this little feller crossing the road in Northern AZ so we stopped to take his picture.  My buddy who is a reptile guy says he is either a Prairie Rattler or a young Arizona Black Rattlesnake (as they are not black until they are mature and this was a little guy).  Hubby thought it was a sidewinder because that’s how it moved but my reptile guy says most young/small rattlesnakes move that way.  I decided to forego a longer exposure, trying to get his rattles blurred because he was moving so much, and as luck would have it my quick shutter caught his tongue out.  I know I look like I’m up in his face but this was with 300mm zoom.  🙂

I intended to do nothing but crop this because it was great.  The colors were nice and everything was the way I liked it.  Then, just because, I started playing with Topaz Adjust and of all things the recover highlights preset really made it crazy beautiful.

56 – Comfy and Cozy

Confession:  I am a cat person.  We have 5.  This little man is El Duderino, or Dude, named after the character from the movie The Big Lebowski.  He is not my prettiest cat, but he is definitely my most photogenic cat.  The focus could be better on this but the bokeh is great.  I like this shot.  Duder is laying on the back of the loveseat, daydreaming out the window.

233 – Reaching Up

I took this picture sticking my zoom lens out the cracked window of a car in a drive-through wild animal park, Bearizona in Williams AZ.  I had to shoot into a very bright backlighting situation with the sun behind thin white clouds.  I cropped as much of the sky out as I could and used AutoCorrect in Photoshop Elements to make this more palatable.  I also sharpened with Topaz InFocus because the focus on this is baaaaaad.  Topaz’s claim that it sharpens out of focus pictures without adding extra noise, better than Elements, is crap.  Maybe I need to spend some quality time with their online tutorials and figure out what I’m doing wrong but it doesn’t seem like all that.  But I digress…  Voila!  A black bear, reaching up

184 – Motion Blur

I used Topaz Lens Effects to make this the panning shot it shoulda been.  This is Tillman the Skateboarding Bulldog.

If you’ve never heard of Tilly, watch this:

This is what English Bulldogs do.  They have an aptitude.  Check out Tyson, Darla, or Rosie…just YouTube “skateboarding bulldog” and you will be floored.

Our bully has his own skateboard, a present from his “grandma.”  He’s a huge male and he’s too wide for it, but that didn’t stop him from riding it right into the wall and putting a dent into the drywall.  The skateboard became an outside toy right quick.

123 – Fuzzy

I had to reach the camera up over my head and down into our rose tree to get this.  Lots of these turned out like crap because I could not see to shoot.  The little guys thought I was their mama and started clamoring for food.  They were sooooooo fuzzy!  My girlfriend at work, after seeing the birdy pictures on my FaceBook, informed me that they actually looked MOLDY.  I could not look at them the same way after that!