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294 – Symbols

These petroglyphs appear in the Kaibab National Forest.  Apparently they were vandalized a few years ago and the sand blasting that removed the paint caused the symbols to lose some of their luster.  It’s still pretty neat, though.  Arizona has a lot of more impressive petroglyphs than this one, but I’ve not yet been to them.


332 – Through A Window

I like this picture.  It’s probably crap.  It’s split right in half, no rule of thirds appled here…I guess it could’ve been a good one for the Breaking The Rules theme…  This was a neat vista to me but the dry grass was the same color as the concrete walls and trying to oversaturate the colors had a poor effect.  So I subdued it even further which I think added to the moodiness of the scene:  the broken building, the graffiti, the desolate scenery, the monsoon-dampened sky…

That bridge runs over the headwaters of the Verde River, and the view from the other side of this building used to be Sullivan Lake, which is now dry except briefly in floods (see link).