Doing more with pictures in 2012…

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136 – Glow

This actually was taken this year…before we took the tree down, cuz we were a bit late at that.  This is the newest ornament I bought this year.  Yeah, we have a sense of humor about everything, including Christmas.  We found the Mr. Hankey Christmas Ornament at our Barnes & Noble just before it closed for good (economy).  The only reason I’m using this odd little tidbit for the challenge is because it gave me a good example to play with my other new toy, Topaz Star Effects, which I just bought the other day.

 Here is the final result, and below, the original image.  I love Topaz plug-ins.  They let me fake all the skills I don’t have time or motivation to learn in order to manipulate photos properly using Photoshop Elements.  😉

So fun!!!


24 – Bloom

Ok, so these blooms are fake…and this is a morbid interpretation of this theme.  Welcome to October.

8 – Architecture

Creepy old chapel in Flagstaff.  Took a bunch of pictures of this thing in the middle of the night with no tripod and nothing but my built-in flash.  I actually got some cool, creepy shots, much to my happy surprise.  This is my favorite.

39 – Celebration

First time I tried catching 4th of July fireworks.  These are taken with a telephoto zoomed to 300MM because we were nowhere near them.  I was surprised how well they turned out, considering the 1.5 miles between me and them, and the headlights going by on the highway pointing right at my camera.  I cropped this from horizontal to vertical and used the Spicify filter in Topaz Adjust.  I had never done this before, and it was ridiculous.  We get to our fireworks-watching spot only to discover I’ve left the memory card out of the camera, again…race home to grab it and get back, set up…frantically Google “taking pictures of fireworks” on my Droid and…voila…  Not too bad under the circumstances.  I took a few I was happy with, but none so much as this one.  Our small-town fireworks display is not this cool, I promise.  All of this did not go off at once.  Thank you, long exposures!