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155 – In The Distance

I am standing at around 3,000 feet in elevation, looking over 60 miles to the snow-capped peaks which are over 12,500 feet.  That’s where you find Snow Bowl, one of a couple of ski resorts in Arizona.  Yes, ski resorts (plural)…yes, Arizona.

I took four photos , pivoting right to left, and used the Photomerge Panorama feature in PhotoShop Elements 8 to put them all together.  I love these kinds of contradictory shots.  There are layers of landscape from low desert foothills, to red sandstone mesas, to finally the pines and snow.

This one isn’t quite as shocking as one a few years ago that I took from down low of a prickly pear cactus, with snowy hills in the distance…but it’s the same idea.