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365 – Yellow

Yellow flowers in a field, used Spicify preset to bring back some color.  Hazy day, as you can see by the “fuzz” behind the first line of trees.  😦  So it goes.  Northern AZ (where else?).


232 – Raindrops Keep Falling

Waiting to get out of our car the other day, as the rain is pouring down…I took a couple of pictures.  I tried to scrunch way down in my seat and shoot at such an angle that the tint strip across the top of the windshield would lend some color to an otherwise white overcast background with no definition.  You can tell that I couldn’t get the tint strip quite all the way across despite my best contortionist efforts, but whatever.  Pre-Topaz, you could not really make out the yellowed grass in the foreground/bottom either.  My nephew says this looks like an iPhone screensaver.  I’m not sure what that means, but it sounded complimentary.  🙂

47 – Chimneys

This is a very cool spot where several old ranch line cabins have burned to the ground, leaving only their chimneys.  It would have been sweet to get all the chimneys in one picture but they’re too far apart and the trees are too thick.  This is the neatest one, though…you can walk right up the front steps, through the “door” and into the cabin.  A few more good rains and the tipping chimney will fall over backward.  We had the unfortunate experience of showing up at a super-bright time of day, where the position of the sun caused the tree (in the immediate walkway of the steps) to cast super-dark shadows on the entry.  So a lot of my details were either washed out or too dark, and my colors were very blah.  So I ran this through the HDR Pop preset in my Topaz Adjust filter to get this…

This is the old Bar 37 area of what is now the Yolo Ranch outside of Prescott, AZ or Bagdad, AZ (depending on where you’re coming from).  It happens to be for sale right now (see link) for $12mil+.  Hell, at that price, I’ll take two!

Random fact:  My great-grandparents worked on the Yolo in the 50s.  My granny was the cook at headquarters and my grandpa was a wrangler.

155 – In The Distance

I am standing at around 3,000 feet in elevation, looking over 60 miles to the snow-capped peaks which are over 12,500 feet.  That’s where you find Snow Bowl, one of a couple of ski resorts in Arizona.  Yes, ski resorts (plural)…yes, Arizona.

I took four photos , pivoting right to left, and used the Photomerge Panorama feature in PhotoShop Elements 8 to put them all together.  I love these kinds of contradictory shots.  There are layers of landscape from low desert foothills, to red sandstone mesas, to finally the pines and snow.

This one isn’t quite as shocking as one a few years ago that I took from down low of a prickly pear cactus, with snowy hills in the distance…but it’s the same idea.