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327 – Tourist

This is a portrait of the uninvited “tourist,” the invasive and prolific Quagga Mussel.  I didn’t even notice the little sand spider near the bottom middle/left until I blew this up…ewwwwww!  I punched up the detail and saturation on this with Topaz Adjust.  The dried water-junk leaves a white film on the rocks on the beach, making it hard to see the bits of color underneath, especially in bright light.  The biggest of these little critters is about the size of my fingernail, and I have teensy hands.  They’re everywhere.  You can hardly set your foot down without crunching their little dead shells on the beach, and there must be a zillion times that under the water.


24 – Bloom

Ok, so these blooms are fake…and this is a morbid interpretation of this theme.  Welcome to October.

109 – Floor

From the wide world of things that make you go, “what the?!?”  A little chunk of floor, from an old bank (obviously) which has been laid up against this tree so long it’s grown over…  I went back and forth between B/W and color on this one, and various shades of in-betweens.  Finally settled on the “crisp” preset to give it some subdued moodiness…because that seems like a good fit for pictures of old junk.

294 – Symbols

These petroglyphs appear in the Kaibab National Forest.  Apparently they were vandalized a few years ago and the sand blasting that removed the paint caused the symbols to lose some of their luster.  It’s still pretty neat, though.  Arizona has a lot of more impressive petroglyphs than this one, but I’ve not yet been to them.

8 – Architecture

Creepy old chapel in Flagstaff.  Took a bunch of pictures of this thing in the middle of the night with no tripod and nothing but my built-in flash.  I actually got some cool, creepy shots, much to my happy surprise.  This is my favorite.

145 – High Contrast Shot

This was not a high contrast shot in the least.  It was totally blasted out from the afternoon sun and the fact that these agaves (or yuccas, whatever they are) were dying and faded.  I was going to try to punch it up for the repeating patterns theme…I was playing around with it and got this version with the sketch presets, which I’d previously decided were worthless.  Now I’m loving it.

60 – Costume

We were at the Arizona Renaissance Festival this spring with some friends.  There are performers everywhere looking for recognition and tips, and then there are weirdos from everywhere that just show up in crazy-ass outfits.  Sometimes they’re legit reenactors (“I reenact, therefore I was.”), sometimes they’re just morons or emo kids in slutty fairy outfits.  This year, though, there was a real gem.  These two extremely clever kids, who were just there dressed up for their own fun, let me stop them and take their picture.  They got right into character and posed for me.  I tipped them, as they outdid most of the “pros” this year.  If you don’t get these getups, I feel sorry for you because you are missing out.

They are King Arthur and his loyal servant Patsy, from Monty Python and the Holy Grail which is the “Holy Grail” of British comedy, if not all comedy.

“Patsy” even has Terry Gilliam’s scowl down perfectly, and “Arthur” nailed Graham Chapman’s smug face. They galloped off in perfect form. Highlight of my whole day.

The movie was very dark and dismal looking so I tried to impart some of that onto the photo which was otherwise extremely bright & cheery. I used the neutralize filter and tried to vignette some of the distractions out.