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232 – Raindrops Keep Falling

Waiting to get out of our car the other day, as the rain is pouring down…I took a couple of pictures.  I tried to scrunch way down in my seat and shoot at such an angle that the tint strip across the top of the windshield would lend some color to an otherwise white overcast background with no definition.  You can tell that I couldn’t get the tint strip quite all the way across despite my best contortionist efforts, but whatever.  Pre-Topaz, you could not really make out the yellowed grass in the foreground/bottom either.  My nephew says this looks like an iPhone screensaver.  I’m not sure what that means, but it sounded complimentary.  🙂


300 – Textured

Close-up of a snoozing rhino…that skin…amazingly textured.  I did run this through Topaz Detail but the adjustment was very minor.

This guy has a pretty neat story, actually…read below.

And then can I just tell you how cool the Out of Africa Park in Camp Verde is?  Because it is!  Go on predator feed days, and be on the lookout for a manager named Bill who is like the coolest dude on the planet (and our close personal friend in case that wasn’t painfully obvious by the shameless plug).