Doing more with pictures in 2012…

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89 – Embark

The original photo was actually taken by my 16yoa nephew using my camera.  Yeah, I’m using it anyway.  I cropped it way down and added some effects with Topaz.

The sky was so plain.  So I opened up Lens Effects and used the Graduated Neutral Density preset to add a little interest to the sky.  Most of the naturally graduated color/light was cropped out in this.  There was no land or other point of reference to go in the frame.  This was at 300mm zoom and has been way cropped besides…the thing was just out in the middle of the blue directly above.

Then as I’m playing with Lens Effects I notice the Toy Camera presets…this one (Memories II?) gave it a very Instagram-y effect that I quite like.  I know “real” photographers think Instagram and similar programs are ruining the art of photography, but for cripes’ sakes let shutterbugs have a little fun.  Especially the ones that aren’t trying to earn a living at photography.  A well-equipped darkroom is to photography what an acoustically superior location is to music (that may not be the best analogy as I know precisely zip about music…only thing I can play is the radio…you get my drift though).  In the digital age, image manipulation programs are to photography what AutoTune is to music; what constitutes “art” is subject to popular culture and for me if it pleases my eyes, ears, etc. then I kind of don’t care how it’s made (so long as it’s not made by skinning babies alive or something).  If you do not like what is made, stop looking and listening and quityerbitchin!  😉

Welcome to 2012, all.  It certainly can’t be any worse than 2011!


184 – Motion Blur

I used Topaz Lens Effects to make this the panning shot it shoulda been.  This is Tillman the Skateboarding Bulldog.

If you’ve never heard of Tilly, watch this:

This is what English Bulldogs do.  They have an aptitude.  Check out Tyson, Darla, or Rosie…just YouTube “skateboarding bulldog” and you will be floored.

Our bully has his own skateboard, a present from his “grandma.”  He’s a huge male and he’s too wide for it, but that didn’t stop him from riding it right into the wall and putting a dent into the drywall.  The skateboard became an outside toy right quick.